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Institutional and Industrial Training Division


The division consists of two sections:

  • Post-secondary Training
  • Industrial Training


This section is responsible for the regulation of both public and private post-secondary training. One of the main roles in regulating the institutions is to fulfill the Department of Education’s obligation with respect to the acts and regulations governing the operation of post-secondary training facilities within Newfoundland and Labrador. Management and program consultants assess provincial training needs, revise existing provincial programs, conduct program development, design and implement program evaluation strategies, analyze program proposals and initiate and conduct research into instructional methodologies and technologies. As well, they provide liaison with other government departments and outside agencies/businesses on a provincial, national and international level.

The post-secondary training section also monitors private training institutions with regard to their operation, staffing, and program offerings. It has developed a concise policy and procedure document which provides clearly defined guidelines for the registration and operation of private training institutions within the province.


It is responsible for meeting the needs of employers for skilled tradespersons in the province, primarily through the Interprovincial Red Seal Program. Industrial training consultants implement the provisions of the Apprenticeship and Certification Act by monitoring the progress of apprentices in the designated trades while on-the-job and during in-school training periods. Provincial and national standards are maintained through the involvement of trade advisory committees, which make recommendations to the Provincial Apprenticeship and Certification Board. The Ellis Chart lists all apprenticeship trades for the province and all other jurisdictions within Canada.


  • Regulation, monitoring, evaluation and guidance of public and private post-secondary training programs
  • Administration of the apprenticeship training system including national trades certification
  • Assessment of provincial training needs
  • Researching instructional methodologies and technologies
  • Administering provincial bursaries and awards


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